Lakewood Homes for Sale

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Lake Highlands Homes for Sale

Find out about the community. Get real estate details on its neighborhoods, Lake Highlands homes for sale, schools and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more info.

Lake Highlands consists of a beautiful, residential community and popular real estate market for homes for sale in the Dallas area. It occupies a location north of metro Dallas and White Rock Lake and south of Richardson. The I-635 bisects the community, and White Rock Creek Green Belt edges its southwest border. More greenbelts and parks add a lush back drop to the environment. Lake Highlands real estate adds a keen back drop of livability, with well-planned neighborhoods and a wide variety of desirable homes. It helps make the area a prime place to live, work and play inside the 635 loop.

Lake Highlands Homes for Sale, Amenities and Lifestyle

The community possesses a high level of aesthetic appeal and cultural charm. It has an abundance of trees, trails, including White Rock Trail and rubs shoulders with several, fine city parks. Its quiet atmosphere combines with an upscale ambiance in beautifully aligned neighborhoods and single family homes. Lake Highlands real estate combines with suburban seclusion, convenient location and master-planning to produce exceptional choices in living around Dallas.

Richardson ISD schools add to the community’s appeal. They help generate a high level of interest in available homes from many families with growing children. Homes for sale come in a variety of styles, floor plans and price points. Most were built in the latter half of the 20th century, up into the 1980’s. They showcase quality craftsmanship, plenty of curb and price appeal. Lake Highlands homes for sale come tailor-made with every age group and family size in mind. They can be found on generous lots, in family-friendly settings and at affordable pricing.

Available homes start at around $180k and peek at around $400k. They range in size from about 1,800 sq. ft. to 2,700 sq. ft. They consist of many popular alternatives for relaxed, residential living in a removed location, yet quite close to every attraction and convenience. Anyone seeking an ideal alternative in tranquil living close to Dallas should expect to find something to suit their fancy in Lake Highlands real estate.

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Wynnewood North Homes for Sale

Find out about the community. Get real estate details on its neighborhoods, Wynnewood North homes for sale, schools and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more info.

Wynnewood North consists of a lovely micro-community and popular real estate market with homes for sale in the Dallas area. The community occupies a location in Oak Cliff, north of Wynnewood Village Shopping Center and was named “Best Neighborhood in Dallas” recently by the Dallas Observer. Wynnewood North real estate attracts plenty of interest, amid this popular district southwest of Dallas metro. Vernon Ave. and Zang Blvd. border its neighborhoods on the west and east respectively. West Illinois Ave. and West Clarendon Drive mark its borders on the south and north respectively. Several hundred acres of development with desirable homes appear within the community.

Wynnewood North Homes for Sale, Amenities and Lifestyle

Wynnewood North has a beautiful, neighborhood profile, with large oak trees and notable architecture that enhances a post-war era, suburban atmosphere. about 350 + homes appear with large lots in proximity to every local convenience and I-35. They occupy a hilly and picturesque location with a decidedly family-friendly feel. A green belt meanders around the community. It includes a lovely lake nestled in the neighborhood between S. Manus Dr. and Bizerte Ave. Wynnewood North real estate comes nestled in the heart of gracious living, tucked away, yet close to everything in the metro area.

Home development in the community began in the 1950’s. It consists today of innumerable homes with mid-century architecture. They appear beautifully maintained. Many include retro renovations enhancing the original look and feel. They range nicely in styles and floor plans, with as much as 3,500 sq. ft. on large shady lots. Wynnewood North homes for sale range nicely in pricing from about $50k for a cozy starter home to $600k for a spacious, 4 bdrm.

Anyone interested in the area should plan to find a large percentage of one story, single family homes in quiet, beautifully aligned neighborhoods. They should plan to find many homese with brick exteriors and large back yards, often with brick or stone barbecue pits and lush shade trees. They should expect to find in Wynnewood North real estate, an ideal, safe environment for living, working and playing around Dallas.

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Kessler Park Homes for Sale

Find out about the community. Get real estate details on its neighborhoods, Kessler Park homes for sale, schools and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more info.

Kessler Park consists of a well-established community and popular home market for real estate in the Dallas area. It occupies a location north of Oak Cliff on the southwest side of metro Dallas. The community includes numerous green spaces and expansive, Stevens Park Golf Course. Kessler Park real estate includes numerous appealing neighborhoods and a variety of desirable homes. Real estate encompasses vintage and historic homes. It combines with lovely, hilly areas, an abundance of mature trees, a special atmosphere and lifestyle.

Amenities Surrounding Kessler Park Homes for Sale

Many people may refer to the community as one of Dallas’s finest. It has a beautiful back drop, underscored by impressive vintage and established homes. It feels like a world apart, yet resides close to 2 interstate highways, the I-30 and I-35E. It also appears just across the Trinity River, and provides no difficulty with getting around. Kessler Park real estate provides no difficulty with gracious, relaxed living, amid plenty of comfort and luxury.

The community includes Kessler Square, an area of about ten blocks, running north-south by way of Windomere, Edgefield, Clinton and Winnetka Avenues. Homes in the neighborhood showcase a delightful, dated charm in numerous styles. They appear on cozy lots as bungalows in revival architecture and as larger homes. They may showcase Tudor Revival or Colonial Revival styles. Kessler Park homes for sale may showcase a bounty of appeal and livability in this neighborhood.

Another neighborhood, Kessler Highlands appears east of Kessler Square and includes blocks running east-west like Salmon, Thomasson, Stewart and Kid Springs. Its real estate appears similar to its neighbor, with bungalows and larger homes in masonry revival styles, Tudor or Colonial. Cozy, well-maintained lots come complete with Kessler Park real estate in this neighborhood.

Anyone interested can find available homes in these and other enclaves within the community, starting at around $300k. They can find a wide array of unique homes hailing from the early 20th century that exhibit a timeless sense of charm and livability. Find out more.

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Oak Lawn Dallas Real Estate

Find out about the community. Get details on its neighborhoods, Oak Lawn Dallas real estate, including luxury condos and townhomes for sale and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more information.

Oak Lawn consists of an exclusive, urban community and upscale condo market in Dallas area real estate. The community represents the first, major condo project initiated by the City of Dallas and features premier, high rise living. It includes a lush, meandering park with Turtle Creek at the center. The Katy Trail, an extensive hiking an biking trail runs through the area, as well. Real estate runs through the community in highly prized composites of desirable condos and townhomes. In fact, Oak Lawn Dallas condos for sale and townhomes for sale come in high demand for their premier locations and many luxury appointments. They typically appear in both classic and new high rise complexes.

Oak Lawn Dallas Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

The community includes several mix use areas, business, retail and restaurant hubs. It provides plenty of local conveniences within walking distance of residential complexes. It also provides quick access to downtown. Its numerous condos and townhomes provide some of the best views of the downtown skyline. Oak Lawn Dallas condos for sale provide some of the best choices in urban living for a variety of buyer types and needs.

Some enclaves with exciting features in urban livability found in the Oak Lawn area include Foresite, Mayfair of Turtle Creek, Park Towers, Plaza at Turtle Creek, Renaissance on Turtle Creek, The Beverly, The Claridge and The Warrington, to name some. These enclaves each showcase a number of  delightful and unique features in desirable living all their own. Suffice it to say, that nothing less than Oak Lawn Dallas real estate in a wide variety of fetching choices awaits anyone interested in fine urban living.

With yet more enclaves like Turtle Creek North, Twenty One Turtle Creek, Vendome on Turtle Creek, Brookside Estates, 3525 Condos, Carreras Condos, Knight Street Townhomes and Oak Lawn Heights, little seems lacking in livability and gracious amenities. Little seems lacking, with every preference in a sophisticated, yet relaxed urban lifestyle accounted for in Oak Lawn Dallas condos for sale and townhomes for sale.

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Uptown Dallas Real Estate

Find out about the community. Get details on its neighborhoods, Uptown Dallas real estate, including luxury condos and townhomes for sale and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more info.

Uptown represents the heart of Dallas in many ways. It covers a significant area of urban districts and neighborhoods. When it comes to neighborhoods, it includes the State Thomas Neighborhood, Knox Park and West Village. Uptown occupies a location just across Woodall Rogers Fwy., a tad north of downtown. It represents a prime center for entertainment, dining and fine condo and townhome living. In fact, Uptown Dallas condos for sale come in high demand and offer many swank, luxury features like those at the Ritz Carlton Condos complex.

Uptown Dallas Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

The Tower Residences at The Ritz-Carlton showcases 23 stories of gorgeous 2 and 3 bedroom condos. Likewise, Regency Row showcases a stunning line up of townhomes. Top-notch services, community amenities and extras come with home ownership of any of these units. Extras include penthouses, garden, resort-style pool and a pet park. Uptown Dallas condos for sale and townhomes for sale often come with many more extras, offering buyers a unique, upscale experience in urban living.

Plenty of offices, retail stores and restaurants dot the area, particularly on McKinney Avenue, one of the main roads in Uptown. Similarly, the State Thomas neighborhood appears off of McKinney. Many of the neighborhood’s condos and townhomes provide amazing views of downtown. They come ideally located within walking distance of Myerson Symphony Center, The Nasher Sculpture Garden and the Quadrangle. Residents can even walk to an array of restaurants and watering holes. They can walk to the trolley and easily connect from it to the DART train. Uptown Dallas real estate encompasses condos and townhomes in State Thomas that often surpass expectations in charm and livability.

A particularly engaging and vibrant lifestyle accompanies home ownership anywhere in the community. With it, a car often becomes unnecessary. Although, driving around reveals many highly unique and desirable aspects, some old like Victorian style buildings and some new like stunning mid-rise and high rise, Uptown Dallas condos for sale and town homes for sale available now!

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Downtown Dallas Real Estate

Find out about downtown. Get details on urban neighborhoods, downtown Dallas real estate, including luxury condos and townhomes for sale and more, with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more information.

Downtown Dallas consists of many layers of interest and engaging features. It includes distinctive areas where revitalization has produced stunning attractions in local haunts and urban neighborhoods. The West End, for example was once an area with many abandoned warehouses. Today, it features a fun environment, with popular restaurants and entertainment hubs. Retail stores and office spaces also add to the enlivened atmosphere. Downtown Dallas condos for sale and available townhomes add to a rekindled attraction for urban living, working and play, in the West End and elsewhere.

Downtown Dallas Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

In downtown, a number of historic buildings, some 100 + years old appear. They create a unique, historic back drop couching newer renovations and development. Modernized, urban neighborhoods create a highly livable back drop, replete with gracious amenities and close to all the action. A condo, for example, in the West End puts residents within 10 minutes walking distance of American Airlines Center, the Arts District and Reunion Arena.

Downtown condos for sale, townhomes and lofts attract urban dwellers throughout key, inner city areas. Many units showcase swank, upscale features in both mid-rise and high rise complexes. Recent renovations like office building conversion have produced many more new  living units. With newer Calatrava bridge development over the Trinity River, more opportunity for urban living projects come into play. Beautification accompanying the thoroughfares heading westward over the bridge paved the way for more downtown Dallas real estate and exciting, urban living.

An exceptional example of livability in downtown appears with a contemporary, 28-story high rise in Victory Park. Many of its condo units typically come with floor to ceiling windows for panoramic views of Downtown, Victory Park, Uptown and Calatrava Bridge. Units come with large balconies, hardwood floors and more. The condo community comes with a pool terrace, lounge, guest suite, fitness center and much more. Downtown condos for sale come brimming with luxury amenities in this complex. They include 2 bedrooms, and often well over 2,000 sq. ft. of living space. Condos of this caliber sell for around $700k and above. Find out more about condos and townhomes available throughout downtown with exciting features and appealing price points.

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Oak Cliff TX Homes for Sale

Find out about the community. Get real estate details, including neighborhoods, Oak Cliff TX homes for sale, schools, and more with our unique lifestyle resources and map search. Contact us directly for more info.

Oak Cliff, Texas consists of a close-knit, exclusive community and popular home market in Dallas area real estate. It occupies a location southwest of metro Dallas and may be one of the area’s best kept, residential secrets. Oak Cliff real estate includes master-planned neighborhoods, with an urban accent, handsome architecture and large residential lots. A beautiful area, where skyline views, green spaces, nearby Kessler Park and the Dallas Zoo may be readily enjoyed, the community has much to offer in home ownership.

Amenities Surrounding Oak Cliff TX Homes for Sale

Numerous architectural styles can be found in many vintage and turn-of-the-century homes. These may appear in brick, stone, or stucco cottages. They may appear in English Tudor, Prairie, or Mediterranean-style mansions with uniquely custom appointments. A sense of upscale livability typically accompanies Oak Cliff real estate.

Residents of the exclusive enclave enjoy not only gracious, residential living, but also close proximity to every convenience. They enjoy locations nestled near destinations like Stevens Park Golf Course, Methodist Hospital, the Central Business District, sporting and cultural centers. Many enjoy panoramic views of downtown, amid a historic back drop. Residents have the added advantage of being located near the Trinity River. Those interested in moving to the community can expect to enjoy an array of classy amenities in Oak Cliff TX homes for sale. They can expect to find many large floor plans and an abundance of curb appeal in the offering.

Lovely, hilly topography, mature trees, a special sense of atmosphere and a unique blend of old and new come together to form what may be Dallas’s most beloved, in-town, residential area. It has much to offer with stunning charm, and a feeling of spaciousness in both grounds and homes. In fact, many available homes may exceed 5,000 sq. ft. Oak Cliff real estate exceeds the expectations of many, with a unique brand of desirable homes and competitive price points.



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